Left: Ted Holsapple, Retiring Darke Rural Electric GM. Right: Brad Flora, New GM

GREENVILLE, OH—The General Manager of Darke Rural Electric Cooperative, Ted Holsapple, announced his plans to retire January 3, 2025, after 23 years leading the cooperat

Sherrod Brown will vote against EPA's final power plant rules.

COLUMBUS, OH-Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is standing with ˿϶Ƶ’s electric cooperatives in opposing the EPA’s power plant rules, calling them unrealistic, unachievable rules that could undermine grid reliability, raise…

Congressman Troy Balderson Introduces Congressional Review Act Resolution on Power Plant Rules

Washington, D.C. – ˿϶Ƶ Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) launched the bipartisan push for the Congressional Review Act, and 138 House colleagues joined him in the challenge to the Biden Administration’s

Pat O'Loughlin and Craig Grooms

COLUMBUS, OH—Patrick O’Loughlin, the President and CEO of Buckeye Power and ˿϶Ƶ’s Rural Electric Cooperatives (OREC), wholly known as ˿϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives, notified the boards of directors of the organizations of…

U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC-A bipartisan group of U.S.

Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted express concern over EPA rules that could cause reliable coal-fired plants to close in ˿϶Ƶ.

COLUMBUS, OH—˿϶Ƶ Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted sent a letter to USEPA Administrator Michael Regan last week, expressing their opposition to the federal rule on fossil-fueled power plants. 

Pat O'Loughlin testifying before ˿϶Ƶ Senate committee

OEC’s President CEO, Pat O’Loughlin testified in support of

˿϶Ƶ co-op leaders at the ˿϶Ƶ Statehouse
˿϶Ƶ co-op leaders meeting with their legislators at the ˿϶Ƶ Statehouse
˿϶Ƶ co-op leaders meeting with their legislators at the ˿϶Ƶ Statehouse
The 2024 ˿϶Ƶ Electric Cooperative Statehouse Reception

Leaders representing 17 ˿϶Ƶ electric cooperatives dedicated a day to meeting with influential state legislators and officials, focusing on discussions centered around grid reliability, kilowatt-hour tax reform, and…