Providingreliable and affordable electricity depends not only on power generation,but also onefficient use of power in homes and businesses.

This is why ˿϶Ƶ’s electric co-opsareleaders in energy efficiency,continuing a tradition begun more than 40 years ago that has saved millions of dollars and thousands of megawatts.˿϶Ƶ’s co-opsare always great sources for energy efficiency information, and many offer energy audits and appliance rebate programs to members.

Additionally, hereare some great online tools to help you consume less energy in your home or business.

Planning to remodel, build, weatherize or replace a major appliance? Your Energy Advisor can help answer questions related to these tasks.

Find out how much you can save with energy efficiency improvements in your home with the Home Energy Calculator.

Want to know which appliances are energy hogs? The Appliance Calculator will help you solve the case.

See how much money you can save by replacing incandescent light bulbs with more efficient forms of lighting.