˿϶Ƶ Senator Sherrod Brown Will Vote to Overturn EPA's Power Plant Rules

Sherrod Brown will vote against EPA's final power plant rules.

COLUMBUS, OH-Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is standing with ˿϶Ƶ’s electric cooperatives in opposing the EPA’s power plant rules, calling them unrealistic, unachievable rules that could undermine grid reliability, raise energy costs for ˿϶Ƶans, and cost ˿϶Ƶ energy workers their jobs.

“The Biden Administration failed to work with ˿϶Ƶ workers, electric co-ops, and other affected ˿϶Ƶans to fix the rule,” read Brown’s statement. Brown supports current congressional efforts led by U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson (R-OH) and will vote to overturn the EPA power plant rules.

Brown had previously called on the EPA to work with ˿϶Ƶans to revise and fix the proposed rule.

“We warned the Administration that they needed to listen to the ˿϶Ƶans whose livelihoods and energy bills are at stake – and they didn’t. I will not turn my back on ˿϶Ƶ’s rural electric co-ops, ˿϶Ƶ energy workers, and ˿϶Ƶ families whose energy bills are already too high,” said Brown.

“˿϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives applaud Senator Brown for supporting a Congressional Review Act resolution to stop the harmful U.S. EPA rule on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The rule is unachievable, unrealistic, and unlawful. If not stopped by Congress or in federal court, this rule will severely threaten the reliability of the electric grid and dramatically increase energy costs for rural Americans,” said Pat O’Loughlin, President and CEO, ˿϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives and Buckeye Power.

˿϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives’ leadership worked with Cardinal Plant leaders, the plant’s local union president, and UWUA national leadership to seek Brown’s support. Collectively, the government affairs teams of both organizations made a joint appeal to Senator Brown to oppose the EPApower plant rules which they urged would hurt co-op members, Cardinal Plant union workers, and coal plant employees across the country.

“Thank you to Senator Brown for supporting Congressional review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s rulemaking on power plant emissions. The rulemaking would harm thousands of workers employed at coal-fired power plants across the country, their families and their communities. We firmly believe we must do more to fully understand the impact of it before this proposed rule moves forward,” said James Slevin, National President of the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO.

Investor-owned utility Duke Energy welcomed Brown’s support too.

“Our customers deserve reliable and affordable energy. Duke Energy ˿϶Ƶ supports a measured and safe transition from coal to natural gas and renewable generation while simultaneously promoting the development of other technologies and energy sources. We appreciate Senator Brown’s support for the Congressional Review Act efforts from Senator Capito and Congressman Balderson,” said Amy Spiller, President of Duke Energy ˿϶Ƶ, and Duke Energy Kentucky.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association CEO Jim Matheson thanked Brown for his support.

“EPA’s power plant rule is unlawful, unreasonable, and unachievable. Under the rule, EPA illegally attempts to transform the US energy economy by forcing a shift in electricity generation to the agency’s favored sources. EPA exceeded its authority and Congress must overturn its action. We urge Congress to pass this resolution and thank Sen. Brown for his support to reverse this harmful rule,” said National Rural Electric Cooperative Association CEO Jim Matheson.

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